I’ve been attracted to photography for as long as I remember. I have my grandfather’s Polaroid Land Camera, mother’s Argoflex Seventy-line camera with the detachable flash, my Kodak Worlds Fair Instamatic, and my first real camera, a Nikon FM2 with the 50mm F1.8 kit lens. They all still work. As a teenager I was very impressed with a dear friend who flew to Rome with a small Nikon camera, bought a hand made bicycle and spent the summer riding around Europe taking pictures. Those were the days.

My approach to photography is more personal than business like. If you are looking for a family portrait that takes about as long a getting a burger at a drive through you can probably find someone else who is better able to do that. If you can relate to how endearing a great photograph can be, how valuable images of friends and family are as we all travel through our lives, coming and going unexpectedly, and how much memory and emotion can be captured in a great image then I am a good choice.

I am in the business of photography. I am able to provide you with digital images, portrait packages, senior pictures, baby pictures, event photography and videos of extraordinary quality. I think you will find my prices fair and reasonable. I look forward to meeting you and working with you to create great images.

Thanks for your time,
Tom Yeiser