Molly – advance planning

In preparation of a photo shoot with Molly I scheduled a visit with her last week. Molly was reasonably cautious with me for minute or two, then she decided I was alright. Like many dogs she seems to enjoy a good scratch behind the ears and a calm voice.

I wanted to do some test shots from the floor to make sure she would be alright with that. Being a good hostess Molly rewarded me with an abundance of doggy kisses. It was a good day to be a photographer.

This shoot will be indoors. The room has a high ceiling and a large group of windows facing south. I anticipate the room will be a great place to create images in. I’ll take lights and a back drop to see if she will sit for a portrait. I hope to get some great candid shots too.

When I got home our four footed family members were very curious about who I had been hanging out with until we stepped outside and played with their favorite toy.

If you have any questions please feel free to: Contact – Tom Yeiser Photography!